Nickelback Is Trending on Capitol Hill and It's Bonkers

This is how Nickelback reminds us of theU.S. Census.  


Forget your political affiliation. What is your stance on Nickelback? 

During a discussion about how to count prisoners on the U.S. Census, Rep. Mark Pocan compared the popularity of the provision to the '90s rock band Nickelback.

Don't worry, Nickelback fans. (You're out there, right?) Rep. Rodney Davis came to the band's defense, stating that Rep. Pocan must not have meant to "offend the many thousands upon thousands of Nickelback fans of his district in Wisconsin."

It turns out Census issues aren't so "Far Away" from heated music preference disagreements. 

USA TODAY, Newsweek, and Fox News are discussing United States House of Representatives and Nickelback.

"What started as two members of the House of Representatives debating how to count prison inmates on the U.S. Census turned into a dispute over the band Nickelback on Thursday."


What's Up With United States House of Representatives And Nickelback — In 2 Quick Minutes

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United States House of Representatives And Nickelback Are Clearly A Big Deal Today

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