Chaos Erupts As Shoppers Fight For New Uniqlo Kaws Collection

A stampede?! See how far shoppers will go for the latest items from Uniqlo.


Fans are going wild over the newest threads at Uniqlo, a popular Japanese fast-fashion brand.

Uniqlo just released new products from its collaboration with American artist, Kaws, and some fans have stampeded into stores to get the new products.

That's Online, SAYS, and What's on Weibo (blog) are all discussing today's Uniqlo news.

Get the full story below:

"Japanese fast fashion brand Uniqlo today launched their much-anticipated collaboration with American artist and designer Kaws, and in a predictable turn of events, Chinese shoppers displayed quite questionable behavior."

- That's Online

What's Up With Uniqlo And Kaws — In 2 Quick Minutes

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