Disney Takes Control of Hulu: Find Out What That Means

Get the scoop on Disney and Comcast's deal and what is means for binge-watchers like you.


This. Is. Big.

There is huge news on the streaming front today.

Disney will assume full operational control of Hulu, effective immediately, following a deal with Comcast.

Wondering what's up?

So we did some digging and here's everything we know:

"NEW YORK (AP) — Disney takes full operational control of Hulu, extending the reach of its streaming abilities."

- The Killeen Daily Herald

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Disney takes full control of Hulu as Comcast enters deal that allows it to force Disney to buy out its stake as soon as 2024 while valuing Hulu at $27.5B. NBCU content will remain on Hulu until late 2024 & Comcast will add Hulu to its X1 platform. https://t.co/t40KTTgulb pic.twitter.com/goNfNzYPjh

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