Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge Opens Friday at Disneyland: Get An Inside Look!

Visit this new theme park attraction you will.


Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge is big news today.

Why? Disneyland is set to open their new $1 billion Star Wars attraction this Friday, and fans can't stop talking about it online.

What does it look like? How do people get tickets? Can I dress in Star Wars cosplay when I visit?

Don't worry, we have those answers and more below. 

The Los Angeles Times, Daily Mail, and The Sun are all talking about Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge.

For the full story, and a peek at Disneyland's latest attraction, check this out:

"If it meets its ambitions, Disneyland's Galaxy's Edge won't just put guests on an alien planet, it will lead theme parks into uncharted territory."

- Los Angeles Times

Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge Is All Over Twitter Today

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