The Final Season of Catastrophe Has Everyone Talking: Find Out Why

The final season will shock fans of the Amazon Prime comedy. Get the details...


The fourth and final season of the popular British sitcom, Catastrophe, is here, and fans have a lot to say about it.

The comedy series, which is available for streaming on Amazon Prime, stars Rob Delaney and Sharon Horgan as two people who tie the knot after a surprise pregnancy.

The Boston Globe, Observer, and Entertainment Tonight are discussing Catastrophe today.

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"It was Rob Delaney's stepfather who introduced him to the classic line of dialogue that inspired the title of Delaney's twisted British sitcom “Catastrophe.” “Am I not a man?” asks Anthony Quinn's Zorba in the 1964 film “Zorba the Greek.” “And is not a man stupid ..."

- The Boston Globe

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