Congress Just Compared Nickelback to the U.S. Census and We Are So Confused

U.S. House Representatives are just like you. They have staunch opinions about... Nickelback. Here's all you need to know...


Democrats and Republicans have a number of things to disagree on. On Thursday, March 7, '90s rock band Nickelback was added to the pile of polarizing issues. 

Here’s why Member of Congress and Nickelback keep popping up in your mentions.

Newsweek, Fox News, and FOX 10 News Phoenix are discussing Member of Congress and Nickelback.

"An unusual debate took place in the U.S. House of Representatives on Thursday, Mediaite noted, between a Democrat and a Republican over an issue which perhaps divides Americans more than any other: The rock band Nickelback."

- Newsweek

Member of Congress And Nickelback Are All Over Twitter Today. More Than 129K People Are Talking About This



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