Lady Gaga Addresses Class of 2020 in Powerful Speech

Lady Gaga speaks on racism, police brutality, and more. Check out the full story below.    


Lady Gaga is giving hope to this year's graduating class and speaking up about racial justice.

YouTube's virtual commencement, Dear Class of 2020, inspired many on Sunday and gave graduates a sense of closure. You can watch a replay of the full, star-studded event here: 

In this celebrity-packed celebration, Lady Gaga encouraged students to take action during this period of change.

"But in this moment, all of us are being invited to challenge that system and think about how to affect real change," Gaga said. "I believe in my heart that the people who are going to make this change happen are listening to me speak right now. I know this is true because it's you who are the seeds of the future. You are the seeds that will grow into a new and different forest that is far more beautiful and loving than the one we live in today."

Get the full story below.

Lady Gaga Encourages Graduates To Change The World 

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