Kylie Jenner Is the World's Youngest Billionaire, But Is She 'Self-Made'?

The lip gloss mogul beat out Mark Zuckerberg on the Forbes Billionaires list, but the Internet has some thoughts


Forget, Mark Zuckerberg. Kylie Jenner is now, officially, the world's youngest billionaire.

The 21-year-old lip gloss mogul and reality star is the "youngest self-made billionaire of all time" as well, according to Forbes

Fox News, CNBC, and Reuters are also discussing the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star.

It's the "self-made" part of the story that is earning the Kylie Cosmetics mogul a lot of attention online today.

So, what are fans on Twitter saying about all this Kylie buzz?

We've got the scoop below.

"Kylie Jenner may be the youngest billionaire in the world, but is she 'self-made'?"

- Fox News

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