Captain Marvel Opens This Weekend, And Carol Danvers Has Come a Long Way, Baby

Comic-book writer Kelly Sue DeConnick made Captain Marvel who she is today. Now, Carol Danvers is ready to hit the big screen on March 8.  


Carol Danvers was just your average Air Force pilot. That is until comic-book writer Kelly Sue DeConnick gave her an epic story. 

Captain Marvel hits theaters this weekend, and the world is ready to see the big-screen embodiment of DeConnick's superhero dreams. The character had many names and tackled a lot of adversity to get to opening night. But now, she's ready to take on the biggest heroes out there. Even... Iron Man? 

TIME, Disney Movies, and Marvel are discussing Kelly Sue DeConnick and Captain Marvel.

"Carol Danvers—the current Captain Marvel in the comic book world—has cycled through multiple aliases."


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