Taylor Swift Fans Think THIS Song Off 'Lover' Is About Karlie Kloss

The Kaylor feels are real


A certain kind of Taylor Swift fan seems to believe that Swift and her ex-pal Karlie Kloss were previously involved with each other... as more than friends. 

Now that Swift's latest album Lover, has been released, those fans are speculating as to which song might be about Kloss and they've come up with quite a few ideas. 

Namely, they seem to think "Cornelia Street" makes the most references to the model. 

"For better or for worse, Taylor Swift's “squad” has become just as much a part of her brand as “writing about boyfriends” or “cats” or “trying too hard.” And as annoying as it must be to have all of your interactions with your friends be misinterpreted as some sort ..."

- Vulture

What People Are Saying About Karlie Kloss and Taylor Swift

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