Justin Timberlake Is Here to Let You Know It's Gonna Be May... Again

It's gonna be meme


First, some history: Justin Timberlake was once a member of a little boy band called *NSYNC. *NSYNC has a song called "It's Gonna Be Me."

Every year around this time, everyone's favorite meme keeps popping up everywhere you look. And, yes: The "It's Gonna Be May" meme is here once again to welcome you into May. 

Justin Timberlake and "It's Gonna Be Me" have been trending hard today, so we've put together a full picture of what that's all about. See how everyone celebrated (or tried to avoid) the meme yesterday and today.

USA TODAY, Tribune-Review, and Asbury Park Press are discussing Justin Timberlake and "It's Gonna Be Me."

"Nearly 20 years ago, 'NSYNC fans thought they heard Justin Timberlake sing, "It's gonna be May" and an Internet meme – nay, a full-blown, unofficial holiday – was born."


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