K-Pop Star Seungri Is Retiring From the Entertainment Industry Following Allegations

Here's all you need to know about Kang Daniel, Jung Joon-young and Seungri right now


Everyone is talking about Jung Joon-young, Kang Daniel and Seungri right now, and this story is moving fast.

Original Big Bang member Seungri (real name Lee Seung-hyun) has announced that he will leave the entertainment industry. This comes after allegations that the singer, actor and producer was involved in supplying prostitutes.  

South Korean DJ and personality Jung Joon-young has been tapped for allegedly sharing video footage of the illegal activity, and victims are speaking out. Legal representation for fellow K-Pop star Kang Daniel have denied the singer has any connection to Seungri.

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allkpop (press release) (blog), The Korea Herald, and soompi are discussing Jung Joon-young and Seungri.

"The victims of Jung Joon Young's distribution of hidden camera footage spoke up on the issue."

- allkpop (press release) (blog)

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