Jenna Dewan Told John Cena She Loves Wrestling And the World Makes Sense

Plus: John Cena is a BTS fan because: obviously


Jenna Dewan is super into pro-wresting and John Cena isn't the only one shook.

The wrestler, actor and rapper(!) was a guest host on The Ellen DeGeneres Show this week, giving fans the chance to learn more about his upcoming projects, his hidden talents and the hot news that Jenna Dewan enjoys watching what goes down in the ring. 

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CNN, Entertainment Tonight, and Fox News are discussing Jenna Dewan and John Cena.

"Jenna Dewan told pro-wrestling star John Cena on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" Friday her boyfriend Steve Kazee that her boyfriend Steve Kazee is the reason she's turned on to the sport."


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