Jameela Jamil Is Here for International Women's Day and We Are All in The Good Place

The Good Place actress, President Donald Trump and singer Annie Lennox show support for International Women's Day. 


March 8, 2019 is International Women's Day. 

It's the perfect time to recognize just how lost the world would be without women. Imagine a world without windshield wipers (thanks, Mary Anderson and Charlotte Bridgwood), circular saws (thanks, Tabitha Babbitt) and the Captain Marvel we know today (thanks Kelly Sue DeConnick and Brie Larson). 

To give women a well-deserved shout out, companies like Apple, leaders like Barack Obama and entertainers like Little Mix took to social media.

NDTV, The Spokesman-Review, and Music Business Worldwide are discussing International Women's Day and Annie Lennox.

"Apple has partnered with Scottish singer-songwriter and social activist Annie Lennox, and her NGO The Circle, to create a short video highlighting the progress around women's rights and the long way we still have to go, on International Women's Day."


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