Is Hailey Rhode Bieber Pregnant or Did Justin Bieber Pull off the Biggest April Fools' Day Joke?

A baby? A puppy? A buritto?! Not every Belieber is laughing at this prank, Justin and Hailey. 


Justin Bieber is quite the prankster. 

Earlier today -- coincidentally April Fools' Day -- the pop star took to Instagram to post an image of a sonogram, followed by an image of his wife, Hailey Rhode Bieber, at what seems to be an ultrasound appointment.

His final post, an image of puppy-fetus hybrid, was a pretty clear indication that it was all a hoax. But some Beliebers are still confused... and others are angry. 

E! Online,, and AOL are discussing Hailey Rhode Bieber and Justin Bieber.

"The day that people either love or hate is finally here."

- E! Online

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