Emmy Rossum Leaves Shameless and Her Final Episode Has the Whole Internet Crying

Find out what happened to Fiona Gallagher on the Season 9 finale of the hit Showtime series.


Emmy Rossum's final episode of the hit Showtime series Shameless is here, and fans are all kinds of emotional dealing with her much-talked about departure. 

The network's longest-running original scripted series aired its Season 9 finale on Sunday, and it was time to say goodbye to one of the show's biggest characters: Fiona Gallagher.

How did William H. Macy and the gang deal with the exit of Rossum's beloved character?

We've put together the full picture here, using most relevant intel from around the Internet today.

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"A check for $100,000 set Fiona Gallagher free."

- E! Online

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