The Ellen DeGeneres Show: Everything You Need to Know

Ellen DeGeneres, Ben Affleck and Jason Sudeikis are all anyone can tweet about right now


Get your dancing shoes on, because the Ellen DeGeneres show is busting some moves. 

  • Is Jason Sudeikis hosting? 
  • How's Ben Affleck doing? 
  • Ben Platt has a big "thank you" for Ellen, but for what? 
  • And you might just see Ellen DeGeneres at... wait... Home Depot?  

All this and more has Twitter chirping away. Keep reading for the full story.

And let us know: How do you feel about it?, Daily Mail, and Just Jared are discussing Ellen DeGeneres and Jason Sudeikis.

"Jason Sudeikis loves Ellen DeGeneres so much he's taking over her show!"


Everybody Is All About Ellen DeGeneres And Jason Sudeikis

More Than 10K People Are Talking About This

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