Gayle King and Ed Genson Share New Details About R. Kelly

The singer's former legal representative, Gayle King and others recount unseemly details about the star. 


It is not looking good for singer R. Kelly. 

Ed Genson, Kelly's lawyer from his 2008 trial, shared his beliefs about whether the star is actually innocent of the horrible acts he's been charged with. To make matters even more cringeworthy, CBS This Morning reporter Gayle King describes the suspicious activity R. Kelly's displayed as she interviewed his girlfriends, Azriel Clary and Joycelyn Savage. 

Just when you think this story couldn't get worse, it has. And it's all part of our trending report on today's biggest news.

Irish Mirror, Complex, and Page Six are discussing Ed Genson, Gayle King and R. Kelly.

"The lawyer who defended R Kelly at his 2008 child pornography trial has sensationally claimed he believes the star was guilty of those charges and had to have anti-libido jabs to control his urges."

- Irish Mirror

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