'Pokémon Detective Pikachu' Hits Theaters: Here's What People Are Saying

Does the movie do the Pokémon games justice?


It's opening weekend for Pokémon Detective Pikachand fans are anxious. 

Sure, the previews and trailers are fun. Ryan Reynolds is almost always great to watch (don't bring up Green Lantern). And Pikachu's cute and fluffy animation seemed on point, unlike some upcoming video game characters-turned-movie stars. 

Historically, however, video game movies have been given a resounding "meh" by critics. What did they have to say about Pokémon Detective Pikachu

Time to find out.

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You're going to want to see this.

What People Are Saying About Detective Pikachu and Pokemon

More Than 37K People Are Talking About This

People Have A Lot Of Feelings About Detective Pikachu And Pokemon

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