Dennis Quaid Just Proposed to His Girlfriend and It's Giving Us Major 'Parent Trap' Vibes

Meredith Blake, is that you?


Dennis Quaid proposed to his girlfriend Laura Savoie and the Internet can't help but notice the similarities between her and his Parent Trap fiancée Meredith Blake.

It's so striking that even Elaine Hendrix, the actress who played the movie villain, commented on it. 

Savoie is blonde and 26, the same age Blake was in the film. Plus, Quaid is the real life father of twins. 

Do we smell a sequel?

"Dennis Quaid's proposal was "spontaneous." The 'Parent Trap' star had spent six weeks planning the way he would pop the question to his girlfriend Laura Savoie while they were holidaying in Oahu, Hawaii, but, in the end, he decided on a whim that he ..."

- KHQ Right Now

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