Netflix's 'Our Planet' -- Hosted by David Attenborough -- Has the Internet In Tears

Justice for the walrus!


If you're now totally addicted to Netflix's Our Planet, you're not alone. And you're probably still reeling from -- sniff, sniff -- that walrus episode. 

As viewers cope with the real changes are planet is enduring, narrator David Attenborough is doing even more to bring attention to the effects of climate change. 

It's all part of our trending report on today's biggest news.

You're going to want to see this.

Monsters and Critics,, and are discussing David Attenborough and Netflix.

"The David Attenborough narrated Netflix series Our Planet focuses on the devasting effects of climate change."

- Monsters and Critics

David Attenborough and Netflix Are Clearly a Big Deal Today

Everyone Is Talking About Netflix, David Attenborough and Our Planet

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