The 2019 Baseball Season Starts Today and It's All Twitter Is Talking About Right Now ⚾

Major League Baseball kicks off today and we are so here for it

The long wait is finally over. The birds are chirping, the snow is all melted (for the most part), the days are longer... and Major League Baseball is back, baby!

Though the Oakland Athletics and Seattle Mariners played each other in Tokyo on March 20 and 21, for most major league teams, today is opening day. And it's all the internet can talk about.

It's all part of our trending report on today's biggest news.

You're going to want to see this.

Kankakee Daily Journal, EPSN and MLB Network are all discussing baseball.

"How will you spend your weekend?"

- Kankakee Daily Journal

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People Have A Lot Of Feelings About Baseball

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