Chance the Rapper and Shawn Mendes Are the Musical Duo the Internet Never Knew They Needed

Get ready for the absolute BOP of the summer


This. Is. Big.

Chance the Rapper released his album Big Day and Shawn Mendes is featured on the track "Ballin Flossin." 

Wondering what’s up? The internet has officially lost it because this song is EVERYTHING. 

Who knew Shawn Mendes and Chance were a match made in heaven?


"Chance the Rapper's The Big Day arrived today packed with (unlisted) features, including an appearance from Shawn Mendes on “Ballin Flossin.” While he's the only featured artist, Mendes isn't the only voice on the track."

- Genius

People Have Feelings About Chance The Rapper And Shawn Mendes 

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