Mac Miller Fans: This Google Maps Update Will Warm Your Heart

Blue Slide Park has a new name on Google Maps, and it's an homage to Mac Miller


 Today, many fans noticed a new landmark on Google Maps. Blue Slide Park -- a playground located inside of Frick Park in Pittsburgh, PA -- has been renamed Mac Miller's Blue Slide Park by Google. 

Today is also the eighth anniversary of the release of Mac Miller's mixtape "Best Day Ever." The late rapper's debut studio album, "Blue Slide Park," was released later that year, in November of 2011. 

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Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Metro, and CBS Pittsburgh are discussing Blue Slide Park and Mac Miller.

"Blue Slide Park in Frick Park has a new name … at least on Google Maps."

- Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

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Blue Slide Park And Mac Miller Are Clearly A Big Deal Today

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