Yara Shahidi and Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson Have Tonight's Top Instagram Photos

And more of tonight's most-liked Instagram pics from Kim Kardashian

These are the absolute best and most popular photos from celebrities on Instagram tonight, Dec. 4th, 2019.

You've gotta see these 'grams from Yara Shahidi, Franchesca Leigh, Dwayne The Rock Johnson and plenty more celebrities. Here are tonight's best:

Yara Shahidi: 220.2k likes

Franchesca Leigh: 10.5k likes


This is what therapy looks like. I'll admit, posting hot pictures on the gram has gotten me through some trying times this year. The dopamine rush from a "yas queen!" is real as hell. But a face full of makeup & perfect lighting isn't my day to day reality. Today I'm cold, exhausted & wish I could just stay in bed. But instead, I power through & do the necessary but challenging work to put myself & my mental health first. Today I cried bc I'm proud of myself, excited for the future, bc anger & empathy are battling it out in my head and bc I've earned the opportunities that are finally coming into focus. Today's tears mean, "You're doing this!" Now, I'm not posting this for sympathy or head pats. I'm sharing to remind you that putting yourself first is WORK. I have good days and bad days. We all do! But having someone to talk to judgement free has made the hard days easier to navigate & the good days worth celebrating. - - Here's where I tell you I HIGHLY recommend therapy. Where to start? I found my therapist via @therapyforblackgirls which is a national database of black therapists. Having a black woman to confide in has been really healing for me & I'm very thankful for their service. But what about everyone else? Well, in my bio is an article from @teenvogue with sites to help marginalized folks find a therapist. Everyone deserves a therapist who understands/respects your experience & makes you feel safe. No insurance? Many therapists have spots set aside for clients without it! Don’t be afraid to ask! What if there isn't someone where you live? Many therapists offer remote sessions by phone, Skype etc. Don't hesitate to look outside your local area & ask about remote options. - - Before I end my "everyone should be in therapy" screed, tell me in the comments why you have or haven't sought out a therapist, but only if you feel comfortable sharing. If it's something super personal feel free to shoot me a DM. I'm always happy to hear from ya'll & I feel very fortunate to have created a space where you feel comfortable reaching out. Ok, enough mush. Promise I'll post something hot after this 💕💪🏽💪🏽

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Dwayne The Rock Johnson: 2m likes

Kim Kardashian: 2.1m likes

RuPaul: 101k likes

Camila Cabello: 485.1k likes


5. señorita💪🏽💪🏽

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Lebron James: 1.3m likes

Lady Gaga: 828.1k likes

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