Ariana Grande and Lilly Singh Have Today's Top Instagram Photos

And more of today's most-liked Instagram pics from Yara Shahidi and Tan France.

These are the absolute best and most popular photos from celebrities on Instagram today, June 7th, 2019.

You've gotta see these 'grams from Ariana Grande, Lilly Singh, Yara Shahidi and plenty more celebrities. Here are today's best:

Ariana Grande: 2.4m likes



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Lilly Singh: 269.1k likes


I’m beyond thrilled to be part of the latest @olay campaign because I truly believe in everything it stands for. And those who know me know that even if this wasn’t an #ad, I’d be screaming about this from the rooftops. Low key my friends can attest to this lololol. I believe in hustling harder and pushing through obstacles as much as I can, but I’ve also come to learn that when you don’t take care of yourself, you can’t hustle to the best of your ability. We need to put self care on our priority list, amongst other things. I do a few things to take care of myself on a daily basis and wearing sunscreen is one of them. Real talk, I never used to use SPF because I didn’t think it really mattered, nor could I find one that didn’t make my brown skin purple. But Olay Whips SPF 25 changed the game for me. Don’t even take my word for it. Look at any of my old videos and see how much my skin has improved today. And spoiler alert, I’m not purple. This small thing, in addition to meditating, taking breaks, journaling and making time for meaningful human interaction have made me more productive and mindful. I put my word on it. Self care is cool y’all. Love yourself. Hug yourself. ❤️💪🏽💪🏽

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Yara Shahidi: 93.3k likes


⭐️Same haircut crew ⭐️ #squad #winshahidi💪🏽💪🏽

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Beyoncé: 1.4m likes



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Tan France: 32k likes

Octavia Spencer: 3.2k likes

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