Which Ryan Reynolds Are You?

You can be only one, so give maximum effort

Which Ryan Reynolds Are You?
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Ryan Reynolds has been in the public eye for a looong time.

The smooth-talking megastar landed on the scene with the sitcom Two Guys and a Girl before his first big break in Van Wilder.

While not everything he’s done has been a hit — sorry, Green Lantern — Reynolds has shown he’s quite the skilled actor. He’s played TWO different superheroes. Now, that’s versatility.

Reynolds’ second turn as a superhero — this time as the foul-mouthed Deadpool — has made him an even bigger star.

Throughout his two decades of action, we’ve seen many different shades of Reynolds’ characters. But which one are you?

With the release of Deadpool 2, it’s time decipher which Reynolds you really are.