Which Game of Thrones House Is Yours?

Obsessed with the HBO drama? You need to take this quiz.

Which Game of Thrones House Is Yours?

Do you love cold weather?

Betraying the people closest to you?



Your personality says a lot about you, and it also can tell you which Game of Thrones noble house you're from.

That's right, the family you thought was your family? They're not your real family.

Perhaps you're descended form the tough Greyjoys, the aloof Targaryens or the cunning Lannisters

There's a very good chance you have more in common with Jon Snow or Sansa Stark than you think.

If you're a fan of the HBO drama, you may already have an idea of which crew you'd be most likely to roll with.

Before the final season of the award-winning series premieres, it's time to officially find out where you belong.


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