The 10 Weirdest Reality TV Makeover Shows

From plastic surgery competitions to satanic pets to Vanilla Ice, these are the strangest reality TV makeover shows we've ever seen.

The 10 Weirdest Reality TV Makeover Shows
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Here at iDaily, we're really into reality TV makeover shows. But as much as we're obsessed with Queer Eye, we have an even deeper love for weird -- seriously, STRANGE -- makeover shows.

We're not talking about house renovations here. We're talking about overweight gerbils put on diet plans 🐁⚖️. We're talking about plastic surgery competitions. And yeah, we're even talking about 1990s rapper Vanilla Ice visiting Ohio's Amish country to raise some barns. Weird reality TV makeover shows are where 👏 it's 👏 at 👏. 

But which weird reality TV makeover show is our favorite? Take a look for yourself and find out: