These Will Be the Best Movies of 2019

That's right: The verdict is already in. 🎥

These Will Be the Best Movies of 2019
Warner Bros., Walt Disney Studios


Want to know which mega-blockbusters will be the best movies of 2019?

Yes, we're already calling it.

We here at have already proclaimed which flicks next year will be the worst. We're looking at you, Top Gun: Maverick.

Now, it's time to get excited for which films will actually be worth spending your hard-earned cash on at the box office.

With much-anticipated sequels to Toy Story, Frozen and Wonder Woman out next year, plus live-action adaptations of some of your favorite Disney classics, 2019 is guaranteed to be a year of movies you won't want to bash on Twitter.

Below are the films we can't wait to see. Note: This is not a ranked list.