These Riverdale Memes Will Make You Spit Milkshake Out Your Nose

The CW's Riverdale is juicy, dramatic and ridiculous, making it the perfect meme generator. Here are the funniest memes starring Cole Sprouse, KJ Apa, Lili Reinhart and the rest of the Riverdale cast. 😂

These Riverdale Memes Will Make You Spit Milkshake Out Your Nose
The CW

Riverdale is everything. Between the ridiculous plotlines, the hotter than hot cast and the plethora of bizarre musical numbers, it's no wonder that this show is crazy popular. It's a show that constantly keeps you on your toes. Whether it's breaking up Bughead (and then putting them back together), nearly killing off Cole Sprouse, giving Cheryl Blossom a bow and arrow or sending poor, precious Archie Andrews to jail, Riverdale loves to pull out all the stops.

Who isn't a fan of teen drama? The best part of Riverdale is that it keeps one-upping its own crazy. It's a totally self-aware show, which makes it great.

The other wonderful part about Riverdale is how popular it is on the internet. In the age of stan Twitter and Instagram accounts, we're constantly being well-fed when it comes to hilarious content and reactions. Specifically in the form of memes.

Whether it's a Varchie meme that is spot on, or a Cole Sprouse reaction picture, the internet is ripe with Riverdale memes. We've decided to gather the funniest ones for your viewing pleasure. Can you make it through this list without laughing?