The Wildest Fan Theories About The Masked Singer

Who's behind the mask? Twitter has some ideas.

The Wildest Fan Theories About The Masked Singer
Michael Becker/FOX

FOX's latest reality TV hit The Masked Singer has already unmasked several recognizable celebrities.

Spoiler alert! Click here to find out which stars have already been revealed.

While some clues have been really helpful for the judges and fans to guess the star (come on, we all knew who the Deer was, right?), several of the stars' identities are still true mysteries.

Is the Lion from a girl group, like Destiny's Child or Fifth Harmony?

Is the Peacock known for a career in magic or is he a professionally-trained singer... or both?

Twitter has some wild theories about who could be behind the masks.

Here are some of the most intriguing guesses we've seen so far: