The Best Survivor Castaways of All Time, Ranked By You

Vote for who YOU think is the best castaway to ever compete on the hit CBS reality show.

The Best Survivor Castaways of All Time, Ranked By You

Through nearly 40 seasons of Survivor, there have been some amazing castaways who have proven that outwitting, outplaying and outlasting their competition can be a beautiful sight to see.

Although the game has evolved immensely since Richard Hatch won Season 1, there are great players from the early entries — such as Tina Wesson and the queen Sandra Diaz-Twine — to the more modern Survivor game that we enjoy today — with winners Tony Vlachos, John Cochran and Jeremy Collins.

Before we see who's crowned the Sole Survivor in Survivor: Edge of Extinction, we're trying to crown our own champion — the best Survivor castaway of all time.

Which Castaway is the best to ever play Survivor? You no longer need to wonder. In fact, the answer is up to you. 

We're Survivor fans and have our faves, and we also searched far and wide to find the top castaways to ever wear a buff.

Use the up (or down) arrows to vote for YOUR favorite castaway ever.