The Best 'MasterChef' Audition from Every Season 🍳

These are some of the most memorable auditions presented to Gordon Ramsay and the rest of the 'MasterChef' judges.

The Best 'MasterChef' Audition from Every Season 🍳

World-renowned chef, restaurateur, and ultimate food critic Gordon Ramsay challenges ordinary home cooks around the world in a cooking competition to obtain the highest culinary honor.  

Many have tried, but so far, only nine of the country's top chefs have successfully earned the title of Master Chef

It's been a long nine seasons, but do you remember the time Gordon Ramsay told a contestant to go back home, gather new ingredients, and prepare a different meal that showcased the true essence her culture?

And how beautiful was it to see a son cook in honor of his late mother while wearing her old apron? 

Heart-warming moments like these are unforgettable. But in case you did forget, click on the video below to see this tear-jerking recap of some of the greatest auditions of all time on MasterChef.