The Best Malayalam-Language Movies You Can Watch Right Now

Stream the best films that Mollywood has to offer. Find out how below...

The Best Malayalam-Language Movies You Can Watch Right Now
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Give it up for the southern states. Malayalam cinema (or Mollywood) is often overshadowed by Hindi and Telugu-language movies. It's a shame because high-quality Malayalam films have some of the best cinematography and human interest storytelling in all of India. With that in mind, we put together a full list of the best Malayalam-language movies you can watch online right now.

Watch Sudani from Nigeria online

Sudani from Nigeria is the story of a struggling small-town soccer manager who hires three Nigerians to play for his team. When the star player gets injured, the team manager has no choice but to let him rest inside his own home. It's a healing experience for both men. The movie is available to watch right now on Netflix

Watch Eeda online

Who doesn't love Romeo and Juliet? Eeda is the Malayalam version of the famous story of star-crossed lovers from warring families. It stars Shane Nigaam and Nimisha Sajayan as the romantic leads and is available to stream currently on Netflix

Watch Premam online

Speaking of romance, why not stream one of the most popular Malayalam movies of the past decade? Premam was a certified phenomenon in India. The coming-of-age story about finding yourself and the love of your life is currently available to stream on Amazon Prime