Someone Put Young Harrison Ford Into Solo: A Star Wars Story and It's Ridiculous

It's kinda creepy, but Harrison Ford fans will love this

Walt Disney Pictures / 20th Century Fox

It’s not easy being Alden Ehrenreich.

No matter how good Ehrenreich is as Han Solo, he’s going to have to deal with unfair comparisons to Harrison Ford.

Is Alden as cool as Harrison? Who has the better hair? Who has the stronger bromance with Chewie? Who’s the better Han Solo? Shouldn’t this really be a Lando Calrissian movie?

The old school versus new school will heavily debate these questions after Solo: A Star Wars Story comes out on May 25.

But why wait until then?

Nick Acosta took matters into his own hands by editing a young Ford into Solo footage, and the result is True Solo: A Star Wars Story.