Riverdale Season 3 Episodes, Ranked from Worst to Best

Here's the definitive ranking of all episodes in Season 3 of Riverdale, listed from worst to best. ☹️➡️😍

Riverdale Season 3 Episodes, Ranked from Worst to Best
The CW

If you're a fan of The CW's Riverdale, then you know that the show is a complete rollercoaster. You gasped when Bughead got together, you wept when Bughead broke up and you sighed with relief when they got back together again. You sat on the edge of your seat, wondering if Varchie could handle all of the hurldes thrown their way. How about the reveal that FP Jones and Alice Cooper had a secret love child together? Or that Betty's dad was the Black Hood?

This show loves to deliver some serious surprises.

It's hard to believe there have only been two seasons of Riverdalegiven everything that's happened. Remember how naive and innocent the characters in the cast seemed way back in Season 1?

Riverdale has taken us on quite the journey, and Season 3 is already starting with a serious bang. Where will Riverdale take us this season? Here you'll find the new episodes ranked from worst to best once they air. 

Spoilers ahead!