Marvel Movie Trivia Overload: 10 Quizzes Every Marvel Fan Needs to Take

Can you ace one Marvel quiz? How about two? Ten?

Marvel Movie Trivia Overload: 10 Quizzes Every Marvel Fan Needs to Take
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Marvel movie fans have a lot of stimuli these days. There's a movie every few weeks it seems. Hot takes and spoilers are rampant. Everything you want to know (or don't yet want to know) about Captain Marvel, Captain America, Ant-Man, Spider-Man, Thor, Black Panther, Hawkeye and everyone else is coming your way from all directions. 

And the quizzes -- oh the quizzes! They are everywhere. That makes it tough to get a handle on where the absolute best, toughest trivia for Marvel fans exists. 

We're here to help with that, Avengers scholars.  

We've gathered every single one of our epic Marvel Cinematic Universe trivia quizzes right here in one place. Think of this as your one-stop shop for the biggest Marvel challenges you'll ever face. 

There's a quiz for when you're feeling a little evil:


This quiz will challenge everything you know about Black Panther:


You know all about the women of Marvel? No you don't. OK, prove it: 


This quiz will tell you if you'd survive a Thanos snap:


Having an identity crisis? Figure out which obscure Marvel character you are 


...or if you're even a Marvel character at all.


Better still: See which Marvel superpower you should have. 


Once you're powered up, find out which Avenger you could beat at arm wrestling (yes this is a real quiz).


And which Infinity Stone you are: 


And finally: The ultimate Marvel trivia quiz is right here: 


 Too easy? Fine. Here's an absolutely un-aceable Marvel trivia quiz for you: