Quiz: Which Mark Wahlberg Are You?

You might just transform into the famous actor

Quiz: Which Mark Wahlberg Are You?
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Is there a more versatile actor than Mark Wahlberg?

The rapper turned action hero has skillfully portrayed a Boston cop — multiple times — but also a New York police officer. It’s really rather incredible.

We’d like to see other action stars do that. We’re looking at you, The Rock.

Wahlberg even played against type as a high school science teacher who tries to save the world from the environment in The Happening, a film that was way ahead of its time. Even though it's still very bad

But which Wahlberg are you? It’s a simple question that has so many possible answers. Luckily, we’re here to help.

Before you see Wahlberg’s latest film, Mile 22, and the inevitable sequel, Mile 23, take this quiz to see which Mark Wahlberg you really are.