Quiz: How Well Do You Know Han Solo?

Other than he's a scruffy-looking Nerfherder

Quiz: How Well Do You Know Han Solo?
Walt Disney Pictures

Do you fancy yourself the ultimate Han Solo aficionado?

He’s not a Jedi, he doesn’t use a lightsaber and he’s not even one of the many Skywalkers, but he is the smoothest criminal in any galaxy.

We know, we know: You’ve memorized his famous one-liners, his trusted companions and the “piece of junk” he flies, sure, but how well do you really know the coolest guy in the Star Wars universe?

Before you see Solo: A Star Wars Story and learn even more about the origins of Han, take this extremely detailed and in-depth quiz that will prove once and for all how well you know the smooth-talking pilot.

Just remember, kid: Don’t get cocky!