Quiz: Do You Watch Too Much Netflix?

How much Netflix can you take? This quiz will tell you if you're a lightweight, a borderline junkie or a Netflix addict.

Quiz: Do You Watch Too Much Netflix?
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How do you watch Netflix? Do you pace yourself and watch one episode a day or do you kill all of Stranger Things in one night?

It's okay. No one is judging you. We know how hard it is to put the remote down when you're waiting to see if there will be a happy ending to the movie To All the Boys I've Loved Before or if the day will be saved by Jessica Jones.

But, while some of you go insane waiting for the new season releases such as Orange Is the New Black, others merely browse genres through while they wait for their friends to get ready for dinner.

Crazy, right?

With Netflix being the largest streaming service in the world, you'd think they'd show more appreciation. 

You've been told in the past that you're 🎶crazy in love 🎶 with Netflix, but here is the ultimate test to see if that's true.

If your group chat doesn't look like this, maybe you're not as big of a Netflix fan as you think: