How to Watch the Hindi-Language Movie 'Genius' Online Right Now

Find out how to stream the action-thriller and more Bollywood hits.

How to Watch the Hindi-Language Movie 'Genius' Online Right Now
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Genius is a 2018 Hindi action thriller directed Anil Sharma. It stars his son, Utkarsh Sharma, as Vasudev Shastri, a genius RAW agent. Critics did not love it, but what do they know? The film remains popular with audiences who are looking to stream it online. Keep reading to find out if you can download the full movie in HD online right now. 

What is Genius about?

Genius is about a special agent who is tasked with taking out his entire team early in his career. When he finds he can't live with the guilt, he seeks to avenge them. The results are an action-packed thrill ride. 

Where can I watch Genius online?

Sorry! Genius is not currently available to watch online. However, you can watch Anil Sharma's other most recent Hindi action film Singh Saab the Great on Netflix

What are other movies like Genius that I can stream online?

If you are disappointed Genius is not streaming online, we recommend the Hindi action thriller War on Amazon Prime. It has great music, intense action sequences, and star-studded performances from Hrithik Roshan and Tiger Shroff.