How to Read 'Once Rejected, Twice Desired' For Free

Book 1 of the Blue Moon series has readers hooked.

How to Read 'Once Rejected, Twice Desired' For Free

Are you looking for the next big romance book? It might just be the Blue Moon series by Ambernique Leggett (warning: 18+ only). It follows Alaia, a young werewolf who must find her mate. The worldbuilding and story arcs are exceptional. And needless to say, the love scenes are... steamyBest of all, Once Rejected, Twice Desired is available to read online for free right now. 

Keep reading to find out how!

How to read Once Rejected, Twice Desired online

Once Rejected, Twice Desired is available using the Dreame app. You can download Dreame for Apple or Android. You can also read the book straight from the Dreame website

How does the Dreame app work?

Dreame is a free app, but sometimes you will need to use virtual coins to unlock chapters. For example, the first eight chapters of Once Rejected, Twice Desired are free. After that, coin prices per chapter vary. You can purchase coins with PayPal or you can earn free coins by completing reward challenges. So it is possible to read the entire series without ever paying a dime. 

Where can I download an online PDF of Once Rejected, Twice Desired?

Sorry! The Blue Moon series is only available through Dreame. You won't be able to find it on Amazon Kindle, in book stores, or in a downloadable online PDF.