How to Download and Stream the Song ''Jimikki Kammal''

The viral dance hit is just as catchy as the first time you heard it.

How to Download and Stream the Song ''Jimikki Kammal''
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Back in 2017, the song "Entammede Jimikki Kammal" became a sensation throughout India. This article will tell you why and how to find it online.

Whether you are revisiting the instant classic or discovering it for the first time, keep reading to find the best place to download and stream the song.

What movie is "Entammede Jimikki Kammal" from?

"Entammede Jimikki Kammal", or simply "Jimikki Kammal," comes from the Indian Malayalam-language movie Velipadinte Pushtakam. It's a comedy-drama about a new vice principal trying to raise funds for his college by creating a feature film with his students. 

Currently, the movie is not available to stream anywhere online.

Why is "Entammede Jimikki Kammal" so popular?

"Entammede Jimikki Kammal" became an instant hit when it was released as a promotional video for the film. Soon after, this dance by the Indian School of Commerce went viral. Several other dance tributes were created as the song's popularity continued to grow. 

Where can I download or stream "Entammede Jimikki Kammal?"

You can stream the song using Spotify, Apple Music, or Google Play Music.