How to Download and Stream Songs from 'Chalo'

Relive the Telugu-language box office hit through its soundtrack.

How to Download and Stream Songs from 'Chalo'

Chalo has become Naga Shourya's highest-grossing film and for good reason. The Telugu-language romantic comedy about star-crossed lovers from different villages has great leads, big laughs, and one of the best blockbuster soundtracks in awhile.

Now, the songs from Chalo are available to stream online. Keep reading to find out where you can listen in high-quality. 

Stream the Chalo songs on Spotify

You can stream the Chalo album on Spotify. If you have a subscription, you will be able to download the songs and listen on the go using their mobile app.

Download Chalo soundtrack using Apple Music

Apple Music, and iTunes, also carries the album. You can stream it or purchase it for download. 

Where can I watch Chalo online right now?

Sorry! Chalo isn't available to stream online right now, but you can download the Telugu romantic-comedy Sammohanam on Amazon Prime