Who Will Die in the Final Season of Game of Thrones? You Decide

Vote for who you think won't make it out alive of Season 8


HBO's award-winning series Game of Thrones returns for its eighth, and final, season in 2019.

That feels, like, sooo many winters from now.

Fans around the world are growing impatient, and they’re doing whatever they can to try to figure who who will end up on the Iron Throne. And, more importantly, who will die in the final season that is sure to kill off some fan favorites.  

One Game of Thrones fan decided to use technology to try and decipher who will survive. Taylor Larkin, a Boston-area data scientist, created a complex algorithm that determined the likelihood of a character surviving.

According to the data, Daenerys Targaryen (83.77 percent) has the best chance to escape alive while poor Gendry (39.87 percent) has lowest chance of survival.