28 Marvel Cinematic Universe Villains, Ranked

Not all villains are created equal, though

28 Marvel Cinematic Universe Villains, Ranked
Marvel Studios

Until recently, the Marvel Cinematic Universe had a villain problem.

The vast worlds that Marvel built are filled to the brim with exciting, charismatic and good looking superheroes. But the same can’t be said about their bad guys.

Through nearly a decade, the best the MCU had to offer was Loki, a fine villain, who loved to screw with this brother, Thor, and the rest of the Avengers.

But if recent history means anything, Marvel might’ve finally solved their evil people problem. In back-to-back films, Marvel had arguably their two best villains, Erik Killmonger and Thanos, steal the show.

And with the expected casting of Jake Gyllenhaal as the next Spider-Man villain, Mysterio, the Nightcrawler actor could reach the level of Michael B. Jordan and Josh Brolin.

But before Gyllenhaal puts on that weird-looking fish-bowl helmet, it’s your turn to decide who is the most evil villain in the MCU.