20 Most Excellent Facts About Keanu Reeves That Will Make You Say, 'Whoa!'

He's one of Hollywood's highest-paid enigmas. But we managed to dig up some truly epic stuff.

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Stereotypical slacker. Big-screen phenom. Mystery man. Keanu Reeves has been all of these things -- sometimes all at once. He’s also, without a doubt, a bona fide Hollywood A-lister. But underneath that movie-star status lies a mystery man who, after all the years in the spotlight, is still revealing little bits of himself. Like Bill Murray and Jeff Bridges, Reeves has found himself walking the walk of a legend. But has he taken advantage of this power? Absolutely not. Keanu has always just done things his way. At 54, Reeves has spent more than half his life in the public eye. That fact alone deserves a spirited, "Whoa!" He's survived multiple career slumps, some heartbreaking loss, and through it all, has managed to maintain an elusiveness -- all while keeping his A-list star status intact.How did we get here? From his indie-stoner beginnings to the action-hero breakthroughs that made him a household name, here are 20 facts and tidbits that make Keanu just so ... Keanu.